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Our Story

Glass Expressions is a family-owned business with a story that began in 1991 when Dan Krier Sr. started to experiment with simple glass etching. His inspiration quickly grew into custom etched glass for homes, and rapidly spread into commercial business. Dan went on to etch large decorative wall art for restaurants, bars, and homeowners, as well as custom designed pieces that included etched corporate logos. Each new etched design drew Dan closer to his life’s passion of making unique and original glass creations.

Peggy working on the Jeep Life etched mirror looking down on a table

By 2015, Glass Expressions was a family-owned business offering laser engravings, sandblasting, customizable gifts, and decor. Glass Expressions has grown over the years along with its family. Dan and Peggy Krier share six-children, 30-years of marriage, and are excited to see what adventures lie ahead in this unique and amazing partnership.

Laser Engraving vs Sandblasting

Laser engraving is a computer-generated process that utilizes a laser beam to permanently mark and etch the surface of glass, mirror, and many other materials. Depending on the project requirements our laser can also cut straight through acrylic, wood, leather, and many other types of material or a combination of cut and engrave on the same piece. Laser is excellent for glassware, stone, acrylic, plastic, wood, leather, and metal coatings engraving. Using a laser gives us the ability to precisely replicate intricate designs and monograms.

Sandblasting is a hands-on process in a controlled environment. With sandblasting we control the abrasive from a pressure pot and handheld nozzle in a blast cabinet with consistent air and dust collection. A special blast-resistant film stencil is placed on the surface and the uncovered area is sandblasted and permanently etched. The final result of etching from sandblasting is completely dependent on the person with the blast nozzle, distance from the object being etched, air pressure, and the abrasive being used. This result when leaving our skilled hands is an exceptionally sharp, crisp, and bright permanent engraving with a smooth finish.

Mission Statement

Glass Expressions strives to provide unique and personalized etched glass and mirror products; that any customer would be proud to own or offer as a gift. Our aim is to create one-of-a-kind creations for any family member, friend, co-worker, or loved one to be proudly set on display in one’s home, office, or place of choosing!

Our family-oriented business would be honored to assist you with all of your gifting needs and solutions. We are here to help you honor, and commemorate all of life’s milestones, special occasions, and celebrations. We could not be more excited to build lasting relationships and memories with you for all of life’s most precious moments. Glass Expressions proudly stands behind its work, as every item is made with the utmost care and precision, from a source you can trust.

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