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Bezrat Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses Gift Set

$58.00 USD

Bezrat Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses With Side Mounted Holder, 10 oz + Whisky Chilling Stones and accessories in Wooden Gift Box. The intended cigar rest is a cool feature for cigar lovers to securely hold the cigar and keep it from slipping and falling. Made of high-quality, lead-free, gorgeous, and lustrous glass. The excellent transparency is very eye-catching. The durable thick-walled design and heavy weighted base will keep your whiskey insulated at the perfect temperature for a longer time. Pour a glass of whisky, taste it and bring your home bar to new heights!  Our whiskey rocks are made of 100% natural pure granite. They are designed to keep your whiskey cool so you can enjoy your favorite drinks without diluting their taste with ice. Won’t scratch your glasses. Whether you use it with the included glasses or others, the smooth granite rocks were designed to be gentle on your glass.